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Professional Scripophily Traders Association
Look for the PSTA Seal of Quality next time you buy Scripophily
When Buying Scripophily look for the
PSTA Members
Seal of Quality and the link back to

Recent Treasures Found

United States Radium Company (Famous Radium Girls Lawsuit) - 1926

Standard Oil Trust (low serial number #151) signed by
John. D. Rockefeller, William Rockefeller, Henry M. Flagler and Jabez Abel Bostwick - 1882


An Association Committed to
Quality and Customer Service
in the Hobby of Scripophily (Collecting Stock and Bond Certificates)

Ask TheStreet: All About Scripophily

By Gregg Greenberg Staff Reporter

Bob Kerstein, President PSTA with Jane Wells - CNBC 2006 Interview


The PSTA is a premier professional association committed to help promote the hobby of Scripophily, the collecting of Stock and Bond Certificates.  This association is committed to customer service and education as well as providing the highest quality products, services and support possible.


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