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Advisor - Terry Cox

Terry Cox is the author of Collectible Stocks and Bonds of North American Railroads.  Terry has done a wonderful job in his Second Edition of Collectible Stocks and Bonds of North American Railroads.
this book is must for every Scripophily Collector .

The Second Edition includes ALL stocks, bonds and related certificates discovered prior to October, 2003. All countries in North America are represented, from Panama north. Includes all railroads known from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Carribean Islands.

The new edition includes descriptions of 17,607 certificates, vastly enlarged since the first edition. Combining all varieties of issued, unissued, proofs, specimens, and celebrity autographs, the book includes 13,511 distinct varieties of railroad and railroad-related certificates. Under the broadest definition (all spelling variations, all incorporations), these certificates represent 5,782 companies.


My The following is from Terry's Website

My primary purpose in building this web site is to make a community where you and I can share information about RAILROAD STOCKS AND BONDS

The collecting of North American railroad stocks and bonds is very popular in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Great Britain. Nonetheless, by comparison to the stamp and coin hobbies, we are spread very thin indeed.

We need someplace where we can communicate on an on-going basis. The web is the perfect place, because distances do not exist.

Over the next few years, we can improve our collective level of knowledge dramatically. Since I am one individual, I do not have time to do things as quickly as I would like. So please be patient with me.

While you are here, please look around the web site a while. Bookmark the places you might like to revisit. I will try not to change page names, so you can return and not find a broken link. I am constantly building the site, so you can always make suggestions about content and direction.

I work under the assumption that I am only one tiny part of the number of collectors who will extend indefinitely into the future. While I have opinions, I never assume that I am correct more than about half the time. In my world, YOU, and collectors like you, fill out the parts and the information I miss. I depend on YOU to correct my errors and oversights.

When you contribute knowledge about stock and bond collecting, you are helping every other collector out there. For now and years into the future.

Whether you are a raw beginner or a seasoned expert, I invite you to join in. Click on How You Can Help.

One final thing. I am a cataloger. I collect information. While I occasionally buy certificates for my tiny personal collection, I am NOT a serious collector. Nor am I a dealer (although I was in the business back in the early 1990s.)

Therefore, I have no interest in pushing prices higher nor in keeping them depressed. I report on prices as I see them.


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