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Professional Scripophily Trade Association

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Professional Scripophily Trade Association launched in January  ’04 is met with strong support

 Committed to preservation and collection of Stock and Bond Certificates


WASHINGTON, DC (January 20, 2004) – The Professional Scripophily Trade Association (“PSTA”) is an organization of Scripophily Dealers Committed to establishing a very high level of integrity in the development and promotion of collectible stock certificates and bonds. The PSTA commitment to offering first class customer service and professionalism in all transactions is the intended hallmark of the organization’s founders.

As a leading organization of Scripophily dealers, the mission of the PSTA is to help promote the study and collection of Scripophily for collectors and researchers, additionally offering assistance for the interpretation and preservation of financial history. The PSTA will help support educational projects, programs, seminars and museums as well as assisting collectors and the general public gain a better understanding of Scripophily, Finance and Business History.

The founders of the PSTA, Bob Kerstein, CEO of and Scott Winslow, CEO of Scott J. Winslow Associates, Inc. are extremely pleased with the organization’s progress.  In just 2 weeks the PSTA has already added more than 15 members who consist of the largest dealers of Scripophily in the United States and much interest in the organization has been forthcoming from the international community.

“One of the main tasks of the PSTA is to create a greater awareness about the exciting hobby of Scripophily and Financial History.  Being such young specialty which appears to be entering a tremendous growth phase, we have felt the need for an organization to help establish standards and consistency within the field says Bob Kerstein, PSTA President  “The PSTA also offers a forum of experienced dealers committed to assisting buyers in building their collections and offering guidance in the detection of forgeries and fraud”, adds Kerstein. 

“We want to establish meaningful historical price guides, rating and scarcity standards, so buyers of Scripophily can make a more educated decision before making a purchase” said Scott Winslow, PTSA Vice President. “The growth of the hobby demands that we develop a level of standards that all can agree upon in terms of grading and scarcity scales which will be of invaluable assistance to less experience collectors entering the hobby. As such, we intend to foster an environment of confidence and excitement in the future growth of this wonderful and important part of the history of entrepreneurship.”

Scripophily [scrip-ah-fil-ly] is the hobby’s name of collecting old stock and bond certificates.  Historical certificates which otherwise have no value as financial claims, are bought for their artistic and historical value by collectors. Values range from a few dollars to more than $100,000 for the rarest.  Tens of thousands of Scripophily buyers worldwide include individuals decorating their home, corporate gift buyers, and casual and serious collectors.  

Bob Kerstein, CEO of, and co founder of the PSTA, has more than 25 years of senior management experience in the Cellular, Cable TV, Satellite, Internet, Professional Sports and Entertainment Industries and now spends all of his time in the field of Scripophily. 

Scott Winslow, president of Scott J. Winslow Associates, Inc. and co founder of the PSTA is a member of all the major trade organizations, including the Manuscript Society, and the prestigious Professional Autograph Dealers Association. Mr. Winslow has been involved in the paper collectibles business for over twenty years; he has given numerous talks to various groups on paper collectibles and been consulted in the identification of forged securities and historical materials

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